Presbyterian Hospital & Washington Heights

I am continuing my account of the Broadway walk that I did this past summer, and we are now getting into the last stretch of this longest Avenue on Manhattan.

On Broadway with cross streets in the 130s and 140s, we come into a part of the city that feels quite Latin American with practical all shop signs written in Spanish only. Also the goods for offer have a more Latin feel to them and we see many more mum and pop stores rather than the large chain stores taking over in other parts of the city. 

Pass by the Trinity Church on 155th Street with an impressive cemetery (one of the few left on Manhattan) and hereafter you will find the Hispanic Society of America. This place can boast having the world's largest selection of Spanish books outside Spain and my friends tell me that they organize interesting seminars and plays all for free, so worth while checking out!

Walk ten more streets and you have what I think is the largest hospital complex in New York: the New York Presbyterian Hospital. This is quite an advanced research hospital that treats all New Yorkers, including famous ones. Both Bill and Hilary Clinton have been treated here, so a place to be reckoned with. 

As a joke people say the only things you find up here in Washington Heights are pharmacies, medical clinics and tequila bars! Not quite right, but you do find lots of those also!