Having just traveled from New York to Brussels, I spent a few hours in the JFK airport and could not help reflecting on the separate life an airport leads.  

Airports are mini countries in their own right. When entering here, you are kind of in no-mans land as you have exited one country but not yet entered any new place. 

It is a place where capitalism, consumerism, hope and homelessness exist side by side. Happiness and sadness are all here. 

Most of us spend time in airports to go on holidays where we are excited and looking forward going out to our new destinations; in the airport on our return we are more gloomy and not yet ready to leave a great place of relaxation where we had so much fun and exciting experiences. 

An airport is also a place where reuniting and sorrowful departures take place. People leave a country (often a continent) to start a new adventure or a new life because of work or to follow loved ones, while also leaving other loved ones behind. In the very same place happy reuniting happens every day when the adventurer finally returns. 

I remember all my departures to unknown destinations, jobs and a new life as being nervous experiences starting the travel with lots of trepidation while at the same time extremely exciting: a new world awaiting out there! A new and different life!

What we as a regular travelers do not see are the rooms where desperate people are waiting for the verdict whether they will be allowed to enter a country or not. They have come so far from often very desperate situation, being so close yet so far from a new improved life. 

Yes, airports are indeed amazing beehives of destinies. 

Sunset at the airport

Sunset at the airport