Travel & Knit for Peace!

What can be more peaceful than to knit and simply be content and happy doing so?

This is exactly what I question these days following the gruesome events in Paris last weekend, and for that matter in Beirut and Mali. The terror threat having increased this weekend to where I live in Brussels, has made me strengthened my view on the good deeds in spreading peace, happiness and love.  Just a little smile can do so - sometimes .....
Unfortunately, not all corners of the world are happy and content; the Beirut and Paris attacks reminded us of this. 

It is indeed a strange time to be living in Brussels or any of Europe's big cities. We should always be grateful for our freedom and possibilities to move around wherever we want without feeling threatened - a gift we EU citizens have taken for granted since World War II. Unfortunately, a few lost men make us too well aware of how precious this freedom is and how close Europe is to countries where the same freedoms are not granted.

What is it in people that makes them do terrible things? How can each of us individuals help? That's the questions I struggle with these days - my tiny view point as an ant viewing the world from one narrow corner can hardly make any impact though.

Back in August this year, I knitted above mobile phone covers, while thinking that I only heard bad news about conflicts everywhere - little did I know that shooting and bombs would be happening so close to home. One of these covers is going on my phone from now on to remind myself where we want to go for all human beings on this globe.