12 Months of Knitting - November

I have finally finished knitting a full garment this time, a cardigan. It was a fast knit and I wonder why? Perhaps because the pattern was written in a different way and easy to follow? Perhaps because no seams were necessary and it all knitted up in one go? Perhaps it was because of my new addi turbo knitting needles? Or perhaps because it was my first ever KAL (knitting-a-long) on Ravelry that made me go so fast?

In any case, I am quite surprised that it is all done and not hanging around with one sleeve missing being knitted or stitched up.  It is all made of stashed yarn waiting in my baskets, so that adds to the pleasure, of course. On top of it all, I am really satisfied with the result, it fits well, and I think I will use this pattern for some of my future cardigan projects.