The Living Buildings in Milan

190525 green house 11 (2).jpg

Just back from a weekend in Milan, I have to tell you about the Green Buildings which we checked out this time.

When we lived in Milan some seven years ago, the buildings were still under construction. Now they are finished, people have moved into their apartments and each tower is in full bloom.

Very centrally in town, the Vertical Forest breathes fresh air into its neighbourhood. Having watched the towers being built almost ten years ago, I was really pleased to see how well the two green buildings look now.

Among a lot of other new high-rise buildings in this area of town, the two green buildings stand out with the many trees and bushes covering their surfaces (900 trees and more than 15,000 plants!). City planning has been well thought through as the park surrounding the different buildings has many nice and varied areas where people can spend time.

190525 green house 13.jpg
190525 green house 14.jpg
190525 green house 15.jpg

I have always been fascinated by vertical gardening and farming and now these buildings go an extra step with vertical forests … and they include the homes of people.