A Beautiful City

180128 Firenze 9.JPG

How often do you walk around your own city forgetting to appreciate the beauty around you? I certainly do.

In everyday life, I am just occupied by daily tasks: work, shopping, lunching & dining, meeting friends and I simply move from spot to spot without always appreciating my surroundings.

Many years ago, when living in London I remember one day I was taking my daily train ride to work, crossing Cannon Street bridge with a view to St. Paul’s cathedral and down the river Thames, that I thought how fortunate I was having this view each single day, where other travel from far to experience the same. When living in New York I worked right next to the Chrysler building and had a beautiful view to the city from 20th floor!

171112 Firenze 5.jpg

Presently, I live and work in Michelangelo’s city of Florence. Today, when going grocery shopping I was thinking of the magnificent views which meet me everyday. Have a look here.

Make sure that you also make the most of your beautiful local places!

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