Knitting Room

So what’s going on in my knitting room these days?

19-02 Caritas scarf 2.jpg

Lots of works in progress (WIPs). I like to have several works going on at the same time, as not to get too bored with one and same kind. Luckily, I manage to finish off a project now and then.

Today I blocked a scarf which is meant for the charity Caritas, who donated the yarn to knit scarves to homeless people in Italy. I followed Cecelia Campochiaro’s pattern for the corrugated shawl, and it was fun to knit as it is only knit and purl in different combinations.

19-02 knitting room 3.jpg

What’s else in waiting? I’ve almost finished the body for a zipped cardigan, which later is to be steeked. I will be looking forward to knitting the sleeves as that is in a nice paisley pattern also in the many soft bluish colours.

19-02 knitting room 2.jpg

I keep knitting on the fantastic rainbow coloured Kurdish shawl, designed by Keiran Foley. When working on this it takes up much more room than my knitting room, as all the colourful balls of yarn get spread all over.

I am now also more than halfway on the winged shawl. This is a double knit which take quite some time, as I knit both front and back at the same time. Soon I will have wings to cover and warm me up.

Finally, I have subscribed again to Jen Arnall-Culliford’s Boost your Knitting: Another Year of Techniques. I got her first book, A Year of Techniques, which was great to learn new knitting skills or hone some already learned. From that first book, I knitted the Brambling shawl. This year, Jen has lined up some rather well-known knitting designers, so of course I had to get this year’s boost!

Despite having lots and lots of yarn already, I had to get the soft and lovely blue yarns with the Boost Spring Kit. Looking forward to start knitting the first pattern, a cowl, already next week. I’ll keep you updated of my progress.

19-02 knitting room 5.jpg