Growing vegetables in my backyard

Yard harvest 1.JPG

I always try to grow vegetables in pots. I love the feeling to harvest my own vegetables, and each new place that I live, I have to figure out what grows and what does not.

When in Brussels, I had too much water and not enough sun, now in mid Italy, I almost have too much sun and too little rain!

Yard harvest 5.JPG

This year, I tried to plant small tomato and zucchini plants. This is the first time that I have managed to harvest some zucchinis, but the tomato plants have not given as much as previous years other places. The tomatoes taste great and more of sun here, but they are fewer of them.

My conclusion: I will continue same way for zucchinis next year, but I might change the sort of tomatoes and I need to plant them into much bigger pots next year. They need lots of soil to thrive.

In any case, here are a few examples of my results from this year. Enjoy your summer veggies and fruits!

Yard harvest 11 (2).JPG
Yard harvest 7.JPG