Street Art

Some of my previous blogs have been about graffiti or we can also call it street art, at least some of it. Previously, I have looked at both bad and ugly graffiti, but also at some intriguing ones as well as some quite nice street art.

Firenze grafitti 8.JPG
Firenze grafitti 10.JPG

This one probably belongs somewhere in between. A few weeks ago I was on my way to the annual creativity show in Florence, when I passed a local school, which did not really represent the normally beautiful historical buildings of Florence. This school was more a product of the ugly 60's and 70's necessity buildings. Normally I would simply pass such a building, paying no special attention to it, but this one had street art (or graffiti ?!) along its facade, under the windows and along the staircases. I loved the play of the colours here; the mix of the light blue with the yellow/orange/brown contrasts and how they interplay with each other in an uncommon pattern. I just had to document it here.

Firenze grafitti 9.JPG