Good old Pharmacy

Living in a new town always mean many walks around the town exploring new places. Precisely such new place we stumbled upon last week in Florence, the Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella.

180304 Pharmacy 7.JPG

I guess the oldest pharmacy which exists, probably in the world. Before we moved to the city, I had visited Florence several times before, but never did I come across this pharmacy. It is a must to visit. Placed in an ancient beautiful building, you enter a place of zen, where people converse in low voices and where subtle delicate perfume is present in each room.

180304 Pharmacy 12.JPG

The frescoes of this old pharmacy and the beauty of the place is really why you have to go there. The monks started to produce perfume and herbal healing balms back beginning of 1600, and the same technique is followed till today.

I was so inspired for lots of knitting patterns in this place also. Just have a look at the wonderful marble floor.

180304 Pharmacy 9.JPG
180304 Pharmacy 11.JPG