A simple Painting

A painting caught my attention today...


I visited ‘Le Palais de Tokyo’ and its modern art museum of Paris today. They had an interesting exhibition, “l'espace est silence”, with paintings by the Chinese-French artist, Zao Wou-Ki.

I have to admit that most of the paintings were far too dark for me, often painted in grey and black monochrome colours, so I was not really taken away by his paintings. The painter used blue and yellow in a few of his pieces and they were by far my favorites; one in particular stood out. Or in fact, the one were three paintings lined up together. The piece is called ‘Le vent pousse la mer’. Precisely the wild sea was what I was thinking off when I first saw it. It is huge, almost 2 meters tall and 4 meters long. Immediately, I thought of woven tapestry with these forms and colours.


Precisely, the colours of blue and yellow are the ones I’m knitting with these days. A bit of a coincidence that I have yarn in these colours now I am in Paris for just a few weeks.