Simple Bouquet of Flowers

Bouquet 01.jpg

A lovely large bouquet of flowers has appeared on my dining table. It is a lovely bouquet primarily composed of large green leaves with a few lilies and other interesting plants. Some of the pine leaves give it a wonderful Christmas perfume and each day, I am enjoying the sight of it. Simple pleasures in life …

I have previously written about nature and how it influences a lot of my design, much more than I thought initially. These days I have been studying this one single vase of flowers and noticed how many individual and lovely shapes it represent, practically only in green and natural colours.

Soon I might explore how many shapes this bouquet actually does present to me. Shapes which I then can try to knit into patterns later on. Who knows?

Next time your friends offer you a beautiful bouquet of flowers, do study each shape and enjoy how much such a small section of nature can offer you!