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I was visiting Hamburg in Germany a few weeks ago and a new town means also a visit to a new yarn shop. This time Mylys was on the programme and I did not get disappointed. What a quaint place. A work table here, a sofa there and armchair here, and a nice cafe is within the store, so a perfect place for my husband to read and have his coffee while I check out yarn. I had read a bit about this store on Ravelry, and it did not disappoint when I finally visited.

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And this store has a lot of lovely yarn, a good selection of Brooklyn Tweed and also Nordic yarns, like Sandnes Garn - check out their website where everything is presented to nicely.

Too bad that I do not live in Hamburg as the events organised in Mylys also looked interesting.

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So should your way take you to Hamburg, do visit My Local Yarn Store!

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I found two Zauberballs to knit a few Christmas gifts, I hope.