Pavilion of marbled folks!

180128 statue 10.JPG

Walking around the sunny town of Florence today, I made a stop at Loggia dei Lanzi by the Palazzo Vecchio. Here good old David stands strong (as he has done since he was sculpted in 1504!) - well, it is a copy that is standing outside - we will have to go to the Accademia Gallery to pay a visit to the real Sir. 

Nevertheless, the cloned David is outside in good company with lots of younger comrades. Most statues here were sculpted from mid 1500 to mid 1800, I think, so all of them are great old folks. 

180128 statue 1.JPG
180128 statue 6.JPG
180128 statue 11.JPG

Visiting today, I ignored the political significance and background these sculptures have. Instead, I concentrated mostly on the details, such as hands and feet. I think it is amazing that someone could make so soft features of something so hard as marble. We knitters work in soft wool, Michelangelo and his fellow artists worked in rock-hard marble and still created soft features.

180128 statue 14.JPG
180128 statue 13.JPG
180128 statue 17.JPG

Amazing works of arts!