Aubergine flowers 1.JPG

Now the season has come when we can enjoy the fruits of our small vegetable plots. I have a tiny city garden, a small square-foot garden frame (1 sq.m.) and a few vegetable pots in which I each year try to grow different vegetables. Some crops grow very well (tomatoes especially) but a lot does need more sun than my garden corner can provide. Moving quite a lot around and changing gardens has also complicated my analysis in what grows best where. But I had one success last year - the aubergine (egg plant). A tiny plant gave me two cute aubergines - a harvest worth celebrating.

First time I tried to grow aubergines, so it was also the first time I notice the beauty of the aubergine flowers. Just have a look at these wonderful colours! I want to grow aubergines again just for their colours. When the small fruit start growing, it immediately has this wonderful deep purple colour.