The Top of Manhattan

Almost everyone knows the south tip of Manhattan, from where you take the ferries to Staten and Ellis Islands as well as the Statue of Liberty.

Fewer know the top of Manhattan. Some days you would not even believe you are in Manhattan as it is all green around you, almost everywhere you look. Read my blog from last week and you see only flowers in full bloom. Today I had a walk in Inwood, which is the absolutely last bit of the City before you go across the bridge into Bronx. 


The western part of Inwood is just one wonderful wooded parc before you hit the Hudson River and at the very end you have the Henry Hudson Bridge which will take you out of Manhattan. It is not exactly a nice bridge to be driving on, but it is beautiful from distance and reminds you of the fact that Manhattan is an island only connected with bridges and tunnels. 

i like the many old steel bridges in New York and here you have one of my favorite and less known.