Smell of Orange Blossom

Ever since I visited Seville in Spain the first time some 15 years ago, I have never forgotten the wonderful smell of the orange blossom in the spring.

All streets are lined with orange trees in Seville, so if you go there during spring, this wonderful fragrance will meet you absolutely everywhere.

Since my first visit to South of Spain, I have tried to grow an orange tree in my own garden - no oranges come out of it and if, they are then small and green, but the tree blossoms each spring - also in the North, so I still have this wonderful orange blossom sensation also in my garden.

Just back from a few days in Seville, I yet again was hit by the orange blossoms' fragrance. I visited the enormous old cathedral in Seville this time and there is a orange orchard within the compound of the cathedral - guess who was blessed then!

If you ever want to go to Seville, try to go in the Spring as you will never forget this smell of life and sweetness.