I would like here to explore yet another flower that I really like, because it has many shapes, colours and sizes; it is also surprisingly sturdy in its petals - may I present the Dahlia.

Aug 2017 Dahlia 8.JPG

Apart from its many lovely looks, I like what this flower represents: dignity and meaning my gratitude exceeds your care. OK, it also represents instability, but is humanity not about being a bit unstable sometimes also? This flower thus becomes human in my eyes also.

Aug 2017 Dahlia 4.JPG

This summer, I visited Egeskov Castle on Funen in Denmark, and they have a garden solely dedicated to the Dahlias - I was looking forward to see the many different beauties in one place, but unfortunately they did not flower yet, when I was there, so I hope I get this pleausre another time.

I bought a bouquet of Dahlias from the market the other day; very hard to select which colour to get of this beautiful flower.