The Walk on the High Line

Two weeks ago, I walked the High Line in New York, the small strip of park land running on the old railway rail in the middle of Manhattan.

The park is planted in various stages so the vegetation changes from point to point; the beginning has the largest trees, then comes the more low vegetation with lots of lovely grasses and flowers, followed by a small section in Chelsea which runs through a building and where you find the only eating place on the High Line itself.

Finally in the last section of the park, we practically walk through several building sites as brand newly designed buildings are being constructed here. This whole stretch of the High Line ends in a long path around the railway tracks at 34th street, so different to where the Line starts.

Benches are placed everywhere along the path, both with views to the plants as well to the streets below. One special terrace exists where the High Line crosses 10th Avenue; here many people enjoy lunches and the quiet while looking at a busy street below.

The city life below the line has definitely come to more prosperity since this park was opened with many more restaurants and apartment buildings arriving. I even found an "underline" cafe.

Walk the Line if you one day visit New York! Let your hands runs through the city grass while occasionally peering at art, and just enjoy the greenery and peace, where you could not go just a few years ago.