Early morning

One early May morning in Cadrezzate, a small town in Northern Italy, I was waiting for a car to take me to the airport.

At this early hour at 6am, everything is so calm and quiet with no one around on the normally busy roads and square. 

Next to me, beautiful poppies show their lovely colours and the odd car does pass by, but it is mainly the birds and crows that one can hear. The church bell chimes its hour, but there are no people what so ever - it's calm all around. 

160529 Cadrezzate 6am 7.JPG

We sometimes forget to relish this calm and quietness, the one you mostly find in the mornings. 

The quietness is even more present in bigger cities. Try to walk around cities like London or New York before 6am - a really special feeling being all alone in such large cities knowing that you are really not alone but millions are around you, just sleeping. 

I am not a morning person and sometimes I do regret that, as I miss out on these precious calm moments. Luckily some mornings, I am awake to appreciate the quiet mornings.