June's Square

Remember my post of last month, Looking down?

16-04 ventilation grid 1 close up.JPG

I took the challenge from the great pattern of one of the ventilation covers in the pavement and designed my first cable pattern. And that was indeed a challenge, much more difficult than I had imagined.

First to figure out how to start and end a round circle, which I still do not know. Then to have it all fit to the number of stitches and rows to be knitted while still trying to copy the grid the best as possible - first attempt did not work. Square too small compared to the others and design was too squeezed!

I admire much more knit cable designers now, as it was difficult, but finally here is my result! It turned out quite right in the end, but this is also the third attempt. Practice make master, so it's not the last time I embark on the cable knits!