Are you hungry?

This weekend, the Brussels Food Truck Festival took place - and it had to be checked out.
It is said to be the biggest in Europe, and indeed there were trucks coming from all over Europe - the Baltic countries, Italy, Spain and of course, Holland and Belgium! Just love that a Latvian truck bakes pizzas - and they were good!

Food plays a big part in all our lives. Unfortunately, some of us do not have enough of it and go hungry to bed and others have too much and throw out too much food. Each time, I hear about the global food waste, I try even more not to throw whatever we have in the fridge and make a new dish of the leftovers instead. With my new compost pile, I also save all the peels from our vegetables, so our waste is no longer as big as it used to be.

Back to the food trucks! People's most important gatherings seem always to be around food, so no  wonder that warm sunny days can bring many people out in the park to eat from trucks! I really love the vintage trucks, as they ooze of some nostalgia and create a special atmosphere. I have caught a few in my lens this time; many Dutch trucks were of vintage years - it seems that their festivals only cater for old fashioned trucks. I will try to go to Holland soon to snatch up some of that special atmosphere and food, of course, while hoping that the food of the world soon gets better distributed, so that it is not only us in the privileged world who can enjoy food each day!