La Drogerie in Paris


Near Portes des Halles in Paris, turning the corner of a large church you'll find a small surprise shop called La Drogerie

16-05 La Drogerie 1.JPG

The shop does not have a very large window to the street but immediately upon entering, a magic world of many bright beautiful colours of linen yarn greets you. 

It's a long and narrow shop with really nice quality yarns, fabrics and lots of beads and pearls and other goodies. 

16-05 La Drogerie 5.JPG
16-05 La Drogerie 3.JPG

At the moment I have too many works in progress and too much stash piled up, otherwise I'm sure I would be tempted by some of their softest yarn like "soyeuse" (silk & alpaca). Next time, I will need supply!

Go and visit it when next in Paris - a nice quiet corner in the buzzing town.