It's official now!

Did you read my blog last week?

If you did, you know that I made comments on yarn bombing and what I call yarn splashing. And what do I read on the LoveKnitting blog the day after my blog, on Monday 10th August?


Yarn bombing is now an official word according to the Oxford English Dictionary and their latest update done in June this year. And here I was not even knowing that it was not a word yet!! But yarn splashing does not exist, though you can now also find the word yarnstorm in the dictionary! Lovely how yarn enters here and there on the stage!

And just to give you some more yarnstorms, here you have the world's Top 12 of yarn bombs according to LoveKnitting. Great stuff!

yarn bombing, n.
Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈjɑːn bɒmɪŋ/ , U.S. /ˈjɑrn ˌbɑmɪŋ/
Etymology: Either < yarn n. + bombing n., or < yarn bomb v. + -ing suffix1.

The action or practice of covering or decorating public objects or monuments with colourful knitted or crocheted items and motifs, as a form of street art.; an instance of this. Also: street art consisting of objects covered or decorated in this way. Cf. yarnstorming n. at yarnstorm v. Derivatives.
Cf. also graffiti knitting n. at graffito n. Additions and guerrilla knitting n. at guerrilla n. Additions.

2009 Daily Tel. (Electronic ed.) 21 Jan. The phenomenon, called Yarnbombing, is thought to have originated in the US but knitters are now beginning to cover British streets in woollen ‘tags’.
2013 Philadelphia Inquirer (Nexis) 31 May (Features Mag.) d1 She found a new artistic calling... Now, she’s known for her soft sculptures..and her yarn bombings.
2014 News Guardian (Tynemouth) (Nexis) 30 Dec. The yarn bombing took place in the early hours of December 23, leaving residents to wake up to the surprise.
— Oxford English Dictionary, 3rd Edition, June 2015