The Sun is Shining Again!

Let's talk about the sun today!

The sun!

It's back. And what a change it makes in people! I do believe that the human being is a hibernating animal, we've just got a too rational brain to be able to sleep four months flat out!

After a dark cold winter, I just love how people react to one another so differently as soon as the first rays of sun are out. 

Instead of being bundled up and struggling through rain, snow and wind with bowed heads, we hold our heads high again, are more happy and energetic and  smile to each other and try to catch this precious vitamin D from the first sunshine. I feel like singing like Louis Armstrong's "What a wonderful world", where my favorite phrase is "people shaking hands, saying how do you do; what they really say is I love you!"

Can there be a more sunny message than that to tell!