Riding the NYC Subway

The subway system of New York celebrated its 110th anniversary last year. It was a very forward looking decision to build this subway back then. This city could not have functioned without it.
Just think how many million passengers it transports each day.
Of course, similar busy subway systems exist in large cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo and Moscow, but it is in New York you can travel the farthest for the least price, I think. Even with the recent ticket price hikes, the NYC subway still remains cheap to travel.
You can get from the furthest north to the furthest south - about 30 miles - for only $2.75.

And at the same time free entertainment is included in the ride: on my regular stretch from upper Manhattan to downtown, a hip-hop dance group performs by using the poles in the train as props, so no good sitting next to one of these poles if they come swinging along! Also sometimes, this older man turns up and sings beautifully just doing the "rizz" rhythm with his small money box and it sounds fantastic - have you ever heard "Stand by me" in a train? Just the best performance!